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Get a Smarter Building now!

Spacion will help you acquire Energy, Environmental and Occupancy data by deploying IoT sensors (no need to connect to client networks) and have you up and running within a couple of weeks (new building or infrastructure not required)
We wouldn't set out on a journey in our cars without a dashboard, so why attempt that in a building full of passengers?

Get into the driving seat now with Spacion!
Our Story

Our founders are a team of four Technology and Construction industry experts with experience across multiple sectors and key influencers in digital transformation

Our Vision

We want to deliver transformational digital outcomes by leveraging the latest technology with industry expertise, as a service


The technologies we use to deliver game changing digital transformation projects are always the best solutions available to deliver our clients vision and optimum outcome

Who are we

How it works

  • Spacion will work with you to establish your requirements and offer best practice advice on how to achieve the most cost effective and optimal outcome

  • We don't need to "Boil the Ocean" but will propose where to start on your digital journey for data acquisition

  • We will install the required sensors, commission and set up the dashboard to your requirements

  • We will provide ongoing involvement and support to get the best out of your dashboard and reporting

  • We will help you 'Automate' exception reports so you are informed when readings are sub optimal (plant or appliances need servicing, have failed or need adjusting)

  • Provide your Senior Management with empirical data for Net Zero, SECR , ESOS and ESG reporting.


Reduce Co2e and energy costs by up to 75% in some instances. Use your dashboard to understand what is really happening with your Occupancy,  Energy consumption/Co2e output and environmental conditions for staff and visitor well being.


Net Zero

Dont rely on energy bills to determine Co2e outputs, which is in reality a history lesson. Monitor in real-time and quickly make changes to your plant and appliances around the Workspace to reduce Co2e and reduce cost.


Demonstrate to your shareholders or senior stakeholders that you are reducing C02e using empirical data and optimising the Workspace for well being.

Save the Planet - significantly reduce C02e (Greenhouse gasses) by understanding what is consuming energy and quickly identify where this can be optimised. Net Zero programmes, ESG initiatives SECR and ESOS reporting are measured by Co2e outputs derived from energy bills

How it works
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Tel: +44 207 459 4343

124 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

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